Helping Others-Natural Compassion

Helping Others-Natural Compassion

Sometimes, helping others is as automatic as breathing. It comes
natural for many people. They radiate nurturance and acceptance to
those they come in contact with during their daily journey.

who have open hearts and giving spirits tend to reach out to others in
a caring way. They have an instinctive response when they see another
person or animal who seems to be suffering or in need.

In my
work as a trainer and educator, I have the privilege of working with
two groups of these caring and helpful angels: those who work with
children and those who work with the elderly. Frequently they are
underpaid and certainly misunderstood by those who don’t recognize what
value they add to our world.

It is their ability to help others
who are vulnerable that indicates their true nature of natural
compassion. They notice the signals of struggle, both verbal and non
verbal and respond with kindness. Those with natural compassion help
wherever and whenever it is needed by their charges: cutting the meat,
going to the bathroom, putting on a jacket.

Helping others is so automatic to them that they see with eyes of mercy and empathy. Caring and compassion are reflexes.

you are in a position to say thank you to a teacher, parent or CNA at a
nursing home, please do so. They may have developed compassion as a
habit, but the rest of the world who sometimes hesitate before helping
others, should not take their actions for granted.

Rather, we should emulate and follow their example.

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