Loss of a Pet – Burial or Cremation

Loss of a Pet – Burial or Cremation

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The loss of a beloved pet and best friend is devastating. In interviewing hundreds of pet owners and sharing their stories, it is plain to see that the loss of a pet may trigger many other emotions about relationships, both animal and human.

The final days of your pet’s life may be the most difficult period of your relationship, and yet it can also be a rewarding and spirit filled time together.  The period  after the death can be very hard as you make the decision for burial or cremation of your pet.

Cremation of Animals

Most veterinarians have access to a crematorium, where the earthly body is handled with respect and burned. If you choose cremation, the casket or urn containing the ashes will be returned to you. Many people are having jewelry made out of the “cremains” of their pet.

Burial of Your Pet

It is not unusual for families and individuals to choose to bury their pet somewhere that holds significance for them.  You may need to check local ordinances, but most areas will allow you to bury a pet on land that you own.  If you do not have a suitable area for this, you may decide to purchase a burial plot at the pet cemetery.

Prices of a pet burial plot will vary, depending on size of plot, if a casket is used or a service is provided.  Many of the pet cemeteries that friends have used included the cost of a small granite marker in the price of the burial. Some have a space for a picture of the pet.

Memorial To Your Best Friend and Pet

There are many ways to memorialize in a physical manner. Of course, your memories  will always be filled with thoughts of your time together.

You can also plant a tree, donate food  or time to the local  animal shelter, have a portrait painted, write a poem, song or story about your time together.

It is your decision  when your pet dies; burial or cremation. Either way, you will always remember and be grateful for the life lessons you learned from your pet.  Owning and loving animals make us better people.

You are invited to go to http://www.deathofmypet.com the site of our latest book to share stories, photos and memorials of those who have lost a pet.  You will be glad you did.

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