Making Sense of It – Decide to Be Happy

Making Sense of It – Decide to Be Happy

How do we make sense of all the incongruities and inequalities of life? How do we understand how this innocent little child dies and this sexual pervert gets away to harm another and another?

In times of despair, depression or ultimate happiness and joy, we hunger for more. We ache to understand how to understand. We are searching for meaning and for wholeness. We long to be comforted and consoled. We want to know we are safe and there is something or someone who has our best interests at heart and will stand by us in troubling times.

Decide To Be Happy

You always stand in choice. I wonder how many times I have said that in this book and every coaching call or speech. It is true and I guess I will keep saying it until those I meet on a daily basis “get it.”

The most powerful move you make each day is to make a decision. Either yes or no, but never “I don’t know” or “maybe.”

Each segment of your day you decide to make a sacred choice. Remember how I asked you to recognize when you were in joy so you could recreate that feeling again and again? That is a touchstone (a standard to judge other events) of happiness. You will also want a touchstone or memory of the worst day in your life, so you will know that you lived through it.

If you choose to feel good; mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and in relationships, you will experience that happy feeling more often.

If you simply can’t bring yourself to feel good then make a decision to feel better. Each time you feel a little better rate your joy. Determine that you will want to increase your periods of felling good and decrease your feeling of doubt and despair.

As a pearl of wisdom; when you change yourself, you change the people and events around you.

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