Set An Intention To Move Forward

Set An Intention To Move Forward

Set An Intention To Move Forward

The fact that you are reading this book or article tells me that you want to move forward in life.  You have already set that intention when you picked it up and started reading.

Without verbalizing it, you may have subconsciously thought “I want to do more, be more, have more and I will look for ways to assist me on that journey.”

Plan and Direction to Success

Intention means that you have a purpose in mind.  Or as Stephen Covey said in the book The 7 habits of Highly Successful People, you have to “begin with the end in mind.”

If your ultimate intention is to double your income in one year, then set that intention.  Focus on ways to succeed in that goal.

The more clear your intention and the more you can verbalize and write it, the more ways will be opened for you to succeed.

Focus on What You Do Want

The underlying premise in the Law of Attraction is that all matter and energy are drawn to similar vibrations.  Like is drawn to like.  If you enjoy classical music, you are drawn to others who have similar interests.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t occasionally listen to country western tunes, but you are more at ease, comfortable, and attracted to concerts rather than hoedowns.

In my work as a family educator I notice that people who think and talk about building strong families and communities are doing it.  They are drawn to people, books, and classes about their favorite subjects.

Don’t Focus On What You Don’t Want
A few years ago I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease.  The more I thought about the possible negative outcomes, the worse I felt.  While it was important to do due diligence and research my options, I realized my focus was on what could go wrong.  I turned up many negative outcomes and forums from fellow sufferers.

Once I shifted my intention to see what could go right, and began honoring the message from my body, I was drawn to more positive people and actions.

Set Intentions To Be Successful and Happy

We are each a living magnet that attracts people into our life who harmonize with our dominant thoughts and emotions.  If you are unhappy with the people surrounding you, ask yourself if it is your thoughts and negative expectations that cause them to interact that way with you.

Remember, all good things that come to you, start with an intention and a desire to have good things come to your life.

You are both the problem and the solution to everything in your life. When your thoughts, words and actions are aligned with what you really want, you are filled with joy and ecstasy.

Questions To Think About

1. Have you ever set an intention to find a certain thing when shopping and then had it turn  up?

2. Do you believe that what you focus on will  magnify in your life?

3. Will you set an intention each morning to be drawn to those things that will help you succeed?

4. Do you believe you can change your thoughts and intentions and change your life?

5. What intentions are you going to set that will bring you closer to your goals

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