Spirit and Soul-Who is The Real You?

Spirit and Soul-Who is The Real You?

Spirit and Soul-Who is The Real You? 

There are always clues about the real you.  The clues are within the good feelings, the moments of pure joy, the passion of a project that you are developing. Your spirit and soul speak to the real you about the real you.  Listen carefully.

You will recognize the truth when you re-introduced to it.  When the dream that you had as a child is rekindled, it will sound familiar and feel right in your body, mind and spirit.

Second Half Of My Life

 Nine years ago I was ready for the second half of my life and so I did a great deal of prayer and study to find out who I really was and what I was to do.   I had been a nurturer and care taker for the first 45 years and I needed to start taking care of me.

 The first thing I did was lose 100 pounds, quit working for anyone else and start writing every single day.  When people who knew me before say things like “Wow, you have really kept the weight off. How did you do it?”

Spirit Was Always A Size 12

 My spirit was always a size 12; it was just in a size 22 dress for a number of years.  When I got to 168 pounds, my soul relaxed.  I could almost hear my body say “AHHHH, yes, this is home.”

My dear friend Kayo who is 5 foot 4 inches tall is always surprised when she sees pictures of us together because I am 5’ 8”.  She says her spirit is tall and with long legs, so somehow God put her spirit in a short body, but her spirit is tall.

Recognize Your Authenticity

Life gets very busy. Take time to listen to your spirit teaching you about the "real you."
Life gets very busy. Take time to listen to your spirit teaching you about the "real you."

As you become more and more empowered, you will find yourself recognizing when you are being true to your destiny.  It is as if each of us has an internal compass (we do- it is called spirit) and when we are off course, we feel out of alignment.

When our compass is pointing due North, then we know that we are the right road back to our wholeness. We no longer feel off kilter or out of balance, we are on track and headed in the right direction.

Self-Awareness Quiz

  1. Have you ever heard or seen something for the first time and it felt familiar? That was a nudge from your spirit.
  2. Did you ever do something that was so out of character for you, that even you were surprised?
  3. What steps can you take today to become more of who you were destined to be? Who is the real you?

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