Time to Think- Develop Problem Solving Skills

Time to Think- Develop Problem Solving Skills

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In these shifting and fast paced times it is hard to stop your thoughts from racing and to concentrate on problem solving. Often, the negative mind chatter is running so quickly that creative problem solving is not possible. Mind chatter or racing thoughts is what it is called when you think a steady stream of excuses or worries involuntarily. It is not purposeful thinking.

As a parent educator I saw many parents (us included) who demanded an answer or an action immediately. When a situation occurred, we would repeatedly question; “Why did you do that?” or “Who did this?” or “What in the world where you thinking?”

Often our children looked at us with glazed eyes and no answers.  We gave them no time to think or problem solve, but simply trying to find an answer that would satisfy our anger and concern.  They learned very little about problem solving and we were resentful that the lesson had not been learned.

Time to Think

Giving a person time to think about what you’ve said to them is a wonderful gift to both of you. Thinking takes time and cannot be forced when an angry parent or employer is breathing fire and demanding solutions.

What would you like another person to think about?  Perhaps instead of a two hour lecture on assuming responsibility, you may try asking the other person to spend time developing five different solutions to the situation.  Help them to understand there are always choices and options.

Problems are not solved by mind chatter and racing thoughts. We need time to think and problem solve in a peaceful setting.
Problems are not solved by mind chatter and racing thoughts. We need time to think and problem solve in a peaceful setting.

After a while has passed, find out if the person has thought about it or if they need more thinking time. If they come to you, ready to discuss their thoughts, and you are too busy right then, set an appointment for later.  Be sure you keep that appointment.


Successful problem solving involves time to think positive and innovative thoughts.  Thoughts are the basis for change.  Feelings and emotions keep the thoughts alive and encourage more problem solving methods.

Resiliency is the method of springing back from disappointment and discouragement.  It is the ability to think new thoughts and feel hopeful about the future. It is this ability which helps you to become a bounce back person.

But it is the action that demonstrates that the thoughts and feeling were on the right track in creating change.  Action is the actual implementation of your thoughts.  Action is the outward manifestation of the problem solving skills necessary to succeed in life and find new ways to maneuver in this fast-paced world.

Self-Awareness Quiz


  1. Are you aware of the negative mind chatter that runs automatically in your thoughts?
  2. When you or your employee or child needs time to think, do you make sure that they have that space?
  3. Do you problem solve best when you take time to think of new solutions?

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