Life Is Precious-Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People (EXPERT)

Life Is Precious-Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People (EXPERT)

Life Is Precious-Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People

Life is a miracle and with each passing day we experience unique and special things that show us just how precious it is. The catalyst for life is love.  Love is is a gift that keeps on giving and it is important to understand that manifesting and acting in love is a choice.   Just as opting for evil is an intention and choice.

Parenting Love Bad Things Good People

As kind and loving adults, we teach and model how to treat other people. Let’s all choose love and respect. For more information on raising kind and smart kids, see

 Choose Love

There are more good people in the world and they are full of love and reflected in everything they do. On the other hand, there are also bad people in the world filled with hatred. If our world was full of evil people, there would be far more tragedies similar to the one that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

With the recent shooting perpetrated on students, teachers and administrators at Sandy Hook Elementary School; we are all reminded that evil exists in the world. Sadly America and the world lost some great students and educators as a result of the senseless acts of violence.

Reflect on Life and Love

The fact of the matter is bad things occasionally happen to good people. Just as living is one of the greatest gifts we have, death is also part of life. Parents of students attending school in K-12 and or college should use this period in our nation’s history to share the importance of living a life filled with love and with the understanding that death is inevitable.

Grief and sadness are our spirit’s way of coping with that which is beyond reason.  The human mind questions why, but the spirit recognizes that bad things happen to good people and there is a message in the midst of heartbreak.

Definition of Evil

My own definition of evil acts is “preying on the innocence of others.”  Yes, there are many evil people in the world.  They have no concept of compassion or empathy. They choose their selfish gratification over the rights of innocent people. There are also  those who commit evil acts because they lack the ability and judgment to recognize right from wrong. As a consequence, bad things do happen to good people.

America is outraged about the tragedy that took place in Newton, Connecticut. We should be grieving over the loss of the students, teachers and principal.

it’s important for our spirit and being, thus as a nation we should take as much time as needed to grieve, reflect and move forward with  a plan. We should also use this terrible instance to spark conversations and learn from the tragedy.

Sadly, Sandy Hook Elementary provides a period for all students and people to count the cost of being thy brothers and sisters keepers. Some people with mental illnesses need to be treated and we must ensure they don’t have access to weapons of any kind.

Those with mental illness are also our children and  we need a safety net for them before they commit evil acts.

Aware but Not Afraid

We as a nation have some choices to make when it comes to how we address the killing of incident young children attending public school or college. In the case of Sandy Hook Elementary School and others before and after, we must lead with faith for it guides us over fear. Now is not the time for us to be fearful, rather it’s time for us to address the issue of violence of any form in our schools and provide a platform of faith and hope for the future of our nation. As a species of people who want to believe that most people are kind, thoughtful and respectful of all, we must speak and act out of love, not fear.

We must protect our children in all schools from the tyranny of people who attempt to take the life of students. Be reassured, good people will prevail over bad people and we will see positive changes incorporated in our schools throughout communities in America and beyond, our future depends on it.

Be Proactive

If you are a kind, thoughtful person who wants respect for all, please consider joining our community at  This is a global community of people who choose love over evil and work towards peace and prosperity for all.

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