Need More Cash?  Ideas To Earn Extra $200 This Weekend

Need More Cash? Ideas To Earn Extra $200 This Weekend

How To Earn an Extra $200 Dollars This Weekend

Sometimes you are strapped for cash or just want some extra spending money and you need it fast! So how does one make money over the weekend? Easy! By stepping out and looking for work, here are a few ways you can earn some cash this weekend:

Sitting jobs: There are multiple sitting jobs you can do for extra cash this weekend and good money at that. Babysitting, house sitting and dog sitting are good paying jobs that typically are needed over the weekend. Talk to neighbors, family and friends and see if they need someone to help them this weekend.

Work a market: Check with your local listings in your city for any farmer, art and music festivals and markets. Many vendors need help selling their things and will pay you for your help. Not only does it put some extra cash in your pocket it’s fun!

Host a garage sale: I’m sure that you have a closet and garage full of things you don’t need or haven’t even seen in years. Host a garage sale Saturday morning and post signs around the neighborhood. It’s impromptu and doesn’t require much planning.

Sell plasma: Selling plasma takes about an hour after your first time and it pays minimal but you can earn up to 450 dollar a month by going in once or twice a week. Sell plasma in addition to these are things to cover that remainder amount you need.

Sell something on Craigslist: Selling things online takes time if you use sites like EBay but a great thing about Craigslist is that people using this site are typically looking to buy immediately. Post pictures and prices of some things you want to sell and just wait for the response.

Some of these suggestions will not pay you the $200 you want but if you pair these things together you can easily earn $200 bucks if not more! Sell some things, work a market or become a sitter for the weekend. Have fun and good luck earning that extra money!

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There are ways to earn extra money this weekend. Brainstorm what talents, skills or muscle power you could put into play to earn extra money. Check out for great ideas.

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