Resiliency—New Perspective On Old Problems

Resiliency—New Perspective On Old Problems

We all tend to see our old problems so clearly that we cannot clear our minds enough to allow answers and solutions to come to us. We need to develop a new perspective in order to gain resiliency.  

By re-framing what we are focusing on, the picture does not change, but the frame around it changes to a more positive outlook.

Look for solutions through a clear and open lens. Gain a free ebook on Using Encouraging Words at
Look for solutions through a clear and open lens. Gain a free ebook on Using Encouraging Words at


Window of Opportunity

If you look at life through a small and narrow window (especially one that is smudged and covered with fingerprints from the past) your perspective will be no broader than just that tiny opening.  By making deliberate choices about widening your “window of opportunity” you will be drawn to those solutions that can best serve your highest good.

Here are two simple (not easy) suggestions to aid you in gaining a bounce-back attitude.  Tomorrow, I will give you more ideas.

  1. Meditate and pray daily.  When you meditate pay attention only to your breath and allow your mind to open and be still.  If you do better with a guided meditation please go to . When you pray follow the pattern given in the Lord’s Prayer; Address the deity or Universe, Ask for what you need in general terms, Ask for forgiveness for any hurts you have done to others, Ask for direction and guidance in life, List your blessings and express gratitude and then  be willing to let it go.  Erma Bombeck, the late iconic writer said; “The four hardest words in the English language to say and mean are Thy Will Be Done.”


  1. Truly breathe. In yoga, we have learned to inhale deeply forcing the belly to fill and be round (fun to be okay with a belly that sticks out).  Then exhale slowly, but completely so that you can feel the breath coming up through your body.  When you are thus occupied with studying how your breath goes in and out, you will find that solutions and ideas begin to flow more readily. When children are stressed they almost hyperventilate they breathe so shallowly. Helping them to breathe deeply allows passages ways in the body, mind and spirit to be more open.


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