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Write Your Life Story

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Many of us have been prompted, both by our own spirits and voices of others, to record highlights of our lives but are unsure how to organize the papers, pictures, and stories.

In this class you will build a timeline and learn the different types of life experiences and how they are best captured. You will come away with lots of stories, ideas and techniques. It will be fun!!

Judy helps you get organized, find the salient thread and tie the life stories into treasures that are the sustenance of life!
~ Barbara K. Spring, Ph.D.

By taking this program you will:
• Learn to organize timelines, stories, photos, anecdotes, recipes, and memorabilia into a flowing narrative.
• Compare different styles of narratives and learn which is best for various purposes.
• Discover tips and techniques for interviewing others to gather their histories.
• Learn to ask and answer the questions:
• Examine ways to handle painful memories.
• Find out how to print, publish, and distribute your memoir.
• Receive kind and considerate peer reviews of your writing.

Judy Wright is one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve ever heard and if I could have anything in the world, among my top wishes would be to have constant opportunities to listen to her, learn from her, and belly laugh with her.
~ Kitty Axelson-Berry; Founder, Association of Perso


Who Should Attend?

-Those who would like to preserve the stories of their parents, grandparents and other loved ones.

-Those who recognize that every time a person dies, it is as if a library has burned down.

-Those who have already started their memoirs but want assistance in organizing and finishing them.

-All, young or old, who have a desire to understand themselves and to see the value of a life well lived.

Judy gave me great ideas to reinforce what I was already doing and the encouragement to start again. Lots of good techniques and a working plan. Thanks!
~ Women’s Conference Participant


This wonderful program will provide you with a strong knowledge of the process of life story writing. The workshop features 4 classes and costs only $119.00. The value of this workshop is truly priceless. You will come away with the skills to create a unique and powerful living legacy.

Includes the books: The Healing Power of Stories by Richard Stone and Leave a Living Legacy by Judy H. Wright. These, along with workbook pages will be mailed to your home or office by US priority mail.

The value of these bonus items alone is $65.00!

Handouts, agendas and writing assignments will be uploaded for your convenience.

Also, there is a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with this workshop! So, come and join us risk free!
I’m looking forward to sharing with you!,
Judy H. Wright, Personal Historian
P.S. Leave a living legacy! Come write YOUR life story! It’s a lot of fun!

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