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Nurturing Families like Growing Plants

Just as nurturing and nursing a baby will help the physical body to grow and develop, so will nurturing the spirit. Part of your destiny includes helping others to reach theirs. You are the farmer and the gardener who will assist the family to develop their full potential. Affirming kind words and encouraging positive behavior can affect […]

Time Out for Adults

“Get down from the table top right now! What are you doing? Floors are for standing on, tables are for eating. You need a time out, young lady. You go to your room and think about how you have been acting today.” So little Mary, 4, goes to her room with a sulky look on […]

Water! Water! Everywhere!

What one word best sums up summer fun? Water. I bet your favorite memories as a child involved getting wet, running through sprinklers on a sweltering afternoon, water fights in the backyard, wading at the beach, playing on the slip & slide, and skipping rocks across the river. Your kids will relish the same experiences […]

What Are Reasonable Expectations Of A Child

To have reasonable expectations of our children is an important aspect of wise parenting. Reasonable expectations leave room for a child to be a child but understand they are on the road to learning to be a mature adult. Often I see parents who try to hold their children to a much higher standard than […]

Consistent Boundaries Make Discipline Easier

 Homes should be run by parents, not children. So many times, however, either the children are in charge or the parents are so eager to be liked, that whatever rules and standards are talked about, few are enforced, especially on a consistent basis. Children, whether they are two or 18, feel more confident when […]

15 Ways to Help Kids Like Themselves

1. Tell me something you like about yourself? Help your child to focus on her many strengths. 2. Reinforce the positives. Give praise, recognition, a special privilege or increased responsibility for a job well done. 3. Define limits and rules clearly. A family council is an excellent place to discuss, explain and get a sense […]

Your Family is an Organization

It is good to remember a family is an organization. In fact, it is the basic organization of society. This is just one of the reasons I am such a proponent of family meetings. You wouldn’t think of running a successful business without a plan, goal setting meetings, team building sessions and clear missions and […]

How To Be A Good Parent – No Right Rule Book For Parenting

How To Be A Good Parent -Parenting Is Coaching In today’s information age, parents are bombarded with tips, advice, and guidelines even before their children arrive in their arms. Everywhere parents turn, there’s another website, another friend, or another book pushing a different set of rules for how to be a good parent. Confusion is […]

Playful Parenting – More than Just Fun and Games

Early childhood educators have called play “children’s work”. Many parents believe their children should be doing something more productive than merely having fun. But, actually, play fosters physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. Encouraging your child to play is vital for his development as well as his happiness. What is Play? The dictionary refers to […]

Keep your cool

Know your limits. Accept what you can’t change and let go of things out of your control. Ease your tension. Take a walk; listen to music, splash cold water on your face. Earn small rewards when you make the choice not to become angry. Phone a friend. It helps to share your concerns and talk […]

Discipline without damage

If your parenting methods include abuse of any kind; physical, sexual, emotional or verbal, please get help to stop as soon as possible. Adults are supposed to safeguard and protect the young among us. You may be repeating patterns learned in your family of origin or not know any other methods of parenting. I have […]

Optimistic Future for New Thinkers

New thinkers, look to an optimistic viewpoint and future. Look at the situations in your life and make decisions about changing your attitude or dealing with it, if you can’t change the situation. Start by throwing out the “should” and replace with “prefer” and “choose.”

Two Faces of Social Media Users

It is not uncommon for teens to have more that one FaceBook, Twitter, My Space or other social media account. Often they have one strictly for family and extended family and one that shows a completely different side of their personality.

Texting on Cell Phones Main Line of Communication For Teens

Why do Children Become Cyberbullies The reasons children cyberbully each other are many. Sometimes children are holding a grudge against their victim, or want to emotionally hurt another. Sometimes they act out of boredom as a child seeks a new form of entertainment. Sometimes kids fight back against being bullied by becoming bullies themselves. How […]

What can we do to make our kids more likeable

Nothing touches the heartstrings of a parent or teacher more than the plaintive cry “nobody likes me” or “I don’t have any friends.” We wish there were something we could do to insure the child will be, if not the most popular, at least included in the games on the playground. Actually, there is something […]

New Ways Of Responding To Bullies

Welcome. We are glad you are choosing to spend your precious time with We will bring you tips,advice and encouragement. We want to be on your support team. Empower Yourself and Your Children Next time you are watching cartoons or a video with your kids have them monitor the body language. You may need […]

Mother’s Day Message to Adult Children

  Dear Loved Ones: I want you to know that when you were growing up, I always got a knot in my stomach when Mother’s Day was coming up.  On that Sunday every year when I yelled and prodded and threatened you if you didn’t get ready, my mind was kind of hoping we would […]

Indigo Children – Born To Lead Hard To Manage

As I travel the country teaching workshops for parents, teachers and day care providers I often ask them if they recognize Auntie Artichoke enjoys working with the parents of Indigo Children the Indigo Children. These children are not content to color in the lines or glue macaroni on paper. They are very bright but also […]

Boston Herald Story on Bullying

There is an excellent story in the Boston Herald today on bullying. Are school administrators doing enough to stop hazing, or is this something is a normal part of growing up and they need to focus on reading and math? Comment at