Parenting & Relationships

Internet Safety- For Parents and Children

Internet is Great Resource- But Be Careful Mostly the Internet is useful and fun and definitely here to stay. But I recommend keeping the Internet access on a family computer in a communal area, like a living room, rather than in children’s bedrooms. Kids might protest, but you are the parents. It is much better […]

Cyberbullying – New Term – Old Concepts

The term cyberbullying did not exist a decade ago but mean people did. Cyberbullying is the repeated use of technology to harass, humiliate or threaten others. The techniques and styles of bullying have changed but the cruelty and power struggles are still going on in schools internationally. Bullies are not limited to the classroom, hall […]

Rules for Respect-Boundaries of Behavior

Though children and young adults will get mixed or conflicting messages from the television, magazine and friends, they need you to set and enforce clear, respectful rules and limits. They need to know that you expect them to do and be their best. By providing this guidance you will help them learn how to be […]

Football Players Suspended For Hazing in Montana

My husband and I read the local Missoula newspaper each morning at breakfast. It is called the Missoulian and has some of the finest writers and photo journalists in the country. Many come here to the University Of Montana for the school of journalism and then stay because of the beautiful country and caring community. […]

Speak Up Against Gay Bashing Teens

Have you smiled and walked away when someone told a joke about “fags?” Were you aware that the number one insult between teenage boys has to do with sexual orientation? When you read the news of young teens killing themselves, do you not think it has anything to do with you? When you see celebrities […]

Aunt or Auntie

What Is An Auntie? Is it Different From An Aunt? Do you have an Auntie? I hope so because everybody deserves to have someone in their lives who will encourage, support and think they are wonderful. Many people have asked me about my title of Auntie Artichoke. Whose aunt am I? Do I have many […]