“Lean In” Mastermind Circles Forming Now!

“There’s a power in small groups, meeting around shared goals so you reach your full potential.”  ~ Gina Bianchini

What if when you glanced in the mirror you saw a happier and more fulfilled reflection of yourself smiling back at you? Now picture yourself as a member of a supportive and authentic group dedicated to amplifying your success. Author Sheryl Sandberg of Lean In challenges “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”.

Seize the opportunity to network with a synergy of like-minded people and bounce ideas with other professionals working towards their own  projects.

Are you…

  • A smart cookie about to crumble?
  • A person who assumes personal responsibility for choices?
  • Ready to connect with your divine purpose?
  • At a crossroad or re-career in your life?
  • Over-educated and under employed?
  • Wondering if a support-accountability group will work for you?

Only recommend for those who are serious about committing to success!

Suppose there was a divine equation or a genie with the answers to all of your financial woes…  Now realize your skepticism to such claims is rightly placed. As human beings it can be in our nature to expect others to miraculously dissolve problems unique to ourselves.

Missoula based author and motivator Judy Wright is ready to guide you in unlocking your own blocks in a supportive group setting.  The mother of six works to change lives through approaching situations from a fresh and wizened perspective.  Join her group Right Now and begin the journey towards self-actualization.

If you are ready for your future now, FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING FORM and claim your spot in the limited space group think-tanks.  Or sign up for a free 20 minute phone consultation with Judy to determine which circle will be the best fit for your personal and professional goals.

You will always be glad you made the decision to lean in.   

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