Father Bonding with Baby: The Role of Strong, Safe Role Models for Kids

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Being a father is a great joy in nearly every man’s life. Your child is one of your greatest loves, and will continue to provide you with joy and wonderful memories for years to come. That is, as long as you are bonding and growing with him or her. As your baby ages, you need to make sure that you are present, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Growing together, becoming closer, will help you to develop that special relationship that you want with your child. You will have the chance to find joy together and to build the connections of trust and loyalty.

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Dads Bonding With Baby

One of the most important parts of bonding is making an active effort in the care of your baby. This means diaper changes, midnight bottles, and getting up at those late cries to soothe and care for the baby.

Make sure that you are playing your part in this relationship so that you are able to bond. Both parents need to put equal effort into the hard parts of raising a child. By making sure that you are holding your own, you can make sure that your child will bond with you and will trust you more and more. Once you get into this and it becomes normal, it is not going to be a chore at all. You can bond and care for your child without a lot of hassle or time, and you can nurture that bond together.

Do not forget playtime. This is one of the more enjoyable parts of parenting so do not let it pass you by. Play with your baby in a way that is safe and that is beneficial. You may want to do some light roughhousing or you may want to play games together that are targeted to children. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are there with them. You will find excellent tips and techniques in one of my books, Raising Smart & Kind Kids.

Help your baby to play along with you, have fun, and keep the both of you entertained. You can also use playtime for walks and other activities that are enjoyable and beneficial in many other ways. These activities allow you to bond with your baby while experiencing other parts of life. You don’t want your kid to be out of shape. Witnessing a those kids that were unable to play in the bouncy castles for hire in Perth that time, was really marking. At that age, you’re supposed to be super fit and able to tackle obstacles in the jungle gym with ease. It’s hard to imagine but this is the reality, some kids don’t get to play.

Playing with your baby allows you to show him or her that you can be fun and gentle, even when roughhousing. It also allows your child to develop a more positive image of men so that he or she is not afraid growing up, which could cause issues with making friends and going to public places where they may meet strangers. By showing that you, their dad and the man that they should trust most in the world, are open and friendly, they can see others that way, too. You will keep their mind open while developing a much stronger and happier bond.

Tell Your Daughter She is Beautiful and Smart

It also helps the child to have a positive male role model so that he or she can develop healthy relationships with men in the future. Dads tend to compliment their daughters on things that are important to them; academics, sports and goal setting. However, if a girl has not been told that she is beautiful by a significant male role model by the time she is 14, she has difficulty believing from any other man in her future. This ensures that they are able to grow into a responsible, happy, and normal adult.

Tell Your Son He is Competent and Capable

The biggest benefit of taking on this responsibility is your child knowing that you can. A lot of children do not grow up seeing both parents take on the responsibility of parenting, which can affect their view of the gender and the person. In order for a child to live in a world where they see everyone as responsible and capable individuals until proven otherwise, they need to grow up seeing that their parents took on every bit of responsibility they had. Your child will trust that men and women are both responsible, and that differences are on the individual level rather than anything broad like gender.

As you assist your children to be problem-solvers you will be equipping them to succeed in the world of work. When you model responsibility and respect in your personal and professional relationships, your child will automatically look to your example when they encounter difficulty in life.

Incorporate your child in your everyday tasks and chores. From cleaning to getting ready in the morning, keep him or her with you and playing an active role in the process. They may not be old enough to do anything or understand what you are doing, but it can still help you to bond and improve their life. As long as you are keeping their safety in mind, like when doing certain tasks that require a lot of moving or the use of chemicals, there should be no downsides. Your child may even find it all entertaining at their young age.

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