Grief & Loss

Losing Sleep after Losing a Loved One: 4 Tips to Get You Back on Track

There’s no guidebook for dealing with the loss of a spouse or a partner. It’s a long, solitary journey full of emotional ups and downs, pushes and pulls. From despair and grief to anger and guilt, obsessive thoughts and stressful emotions can take a huge toll of your quality of life— both while you’re awake and asleep. No matter how much support you have, there will be times where loneliness creeps in, most often during the dark hours of the night.

How to Help your Children Deal with the Loss of a Pet (EXPERT)

  In our lives, the death of a beloved pet is often our first experience with loss and death. It causes us to question for the first time what death really is, what it really means. In our children’s lives, this is a major turning point in their development and they are looking to you […]

What Is “Dead”? How to Talk to Kids About Death

In our community lately, there have been a number of tragic and unexpected deaths of both adults and children. These horrible experiences have come from car accidents, avalanches, and sudden illnesses. Things that have always “happened to other people” are now hitting very close to home. The members of the community have rallied to help the families affected, but often children are confused about what this death actually means for them.

Explaining Death To Children (EXPERT)

The first death most children experience is the loss of a pet or grandparent. They need to know that you, as a caring adult, are available to explain what has happened and reasure them that they are safe. Explaining death to children is not easy, but important teaching moment to share values and beliefs. You will find additonal information at to assist you in explaining death of a pet.

What is Hope? What is Hopelessness? (EXPERT)

Many who had suffered unimaginable trauma and abuse were able to see a “light at the end of the tunnel” by having a person give them some sense of possibility. The reinforcement of their worth caused them to recognize that among the horrible things that had happened were some moments of joy and light. What is Hope? What is Hopelessness? (EXPERT)

What Is Hope? How You Become Hopeful

Hope is the belief that the future you imagine can become a reality. Can you make yourself feel more hopeful? I believe you can. It has been my experience and the observation of many others that those who have learned coping skills can survive and even thrive after horrible tragedies. Gain ways to be more hopeful at

Resiliency in Death of a Loved One

Resiliency in Death of a Loved One © Judy Helm Wright As playwright Robert Anderson said in Tuesdays with Morrie, “Death ends a life, not a relationship.” What is that new relationship going to look like, now that our loved one can no longer stand before us and talk about the weather? How can […]

T E A R S – Tragedy into Triumph

The chemical makeup of the tears that frequently accompany great emotions Is different depending on feeling or emotion we are having.  Contrary to what some people may think, crying tears is an important part of cleansing the body and cells of the stress we are dealing with. Tom, a client on a Masterminding call, taught […]

Helping Others-Natural Compassion

Sometimes, helping others is as automatic as breathing. It comes natural for many people. They radiate nurturance and acceptance to those they come in contact with during their daily journey. Those who have open hearts and giving spirits tend to reach out to others in a caring way. They have an instinctive response when they […]

Saying Goodbye to a Loved One Who is Dying

Standing at the bedside of a parent or friend who is in the process of transitioning out of this life is not an experience most people prepare for and many find overwhelming. You can be so traumatized that you neglect the opportunity to tell that person how you truly feel. Sharing and listening can be […]

Sing Away Sadness

Climb every Mountain.. The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music… Can you see Julie Andrews on the Mountain side raising her arms and her voice as she encouraged the Von Trapp family to keep going in the face of adversity. It really doesn't matter how well you can sing or even if you […]

Explaining Death And Dying To Children

A positive attitude and clear answers will help. Hello from beautiful Montana: What is death? What does Dead Mean? These questions are some of the hardest for parents to answer, especially because most have not examined their own feelings, emotions and believe systems around death and dying. Most of the parents I teach in parenting […]

Greiving a Broken Relationship – Death, Divorce or Dumping

If you are feeling like a little lost child who has lost her best friend and doesn’t know what to do, then welcome to the club. We all feel like children when we are sad and lonely Most of us, adult and child, have gone through the experience of losing a meaningful relationship. It is […]

Set Your Boundaries & Communicate What You Need

Greetings from beautiful Montana; Boundaries are not fences to keep friends and family out, but rather guidelines on where we, personally, feel the most comfortable.  Many people are hesitant to set boundaries for fear of hurting feelings or causing resentments.  However, people are not mind readers and do not know what you want and don’t […]

Grief Work is Hard Work – Take Time To Heal

Hello from Montana: Most people get very nostalgic because their minds and Bereavement and Grief are hard work. Be clear in setting boundaries and what you need from others. give yourself time to heal from loss. hearts are triggered by sights, sounds, smells and events.  Smelling of pine trees reminds them of the Christmas when Grandpa brought […]

Young Adults and Teens Deal With Death of a Pet

Young Adults Who Lose a Pet Teens and “Tweens” are always dealing with zig-zagging emotions. The beloved pet may have offered friendship when all other relationships were changing. The loss of a pet to this age group can be particularly hard.  The Pet may have been a source of unconditional love and companionship during childhood. […]

Children, Adolescents, and Loss

Hello from beautiful Montana; Do children, adolescents, and young people experience loss differently than adults?  Do they mourn the loss of a pet the same way they would grieve the loss of a grandparent or sibling? Do they bounce back from a significant loss as easily as the adults around them previously thought? For many is not that easy […]

Loss of a Pet – Burial or Cremation

Hello from beautiful Montana: The loss of a beloved pet and best friend is devastating. In interviewing hundreds of pet owners and sharing their stories, it is plain to see that the loss of a pet may trigger many other emotions about relationships, both animal and human. The final days of your pet’s life may […]

Disbelief About Death of a Loved One

The days and weeks following the death of a loved one, whether human or  a beloved animal companion, may pass in a blur.  It is human nature to want to wish away grief with disbelief. It is possible for belief and disbelief to operate in our sub conscious minds at the same time. There is […]

Death in The Family Brings Out Best and Worst In All Of Us

Hello from beautiful Montana.  Death of family members brings out the best and worst in how we act and react to bad news. For those of us who are Baby Boomers, deaths in the family are becoming more and more routine. Cousins who never have time to come to family reunions or wedding celebrations are […]

A Really Good Dog Story

Hello from Montana: My friend sent me this story this morning because she knew I was collecting stories about death of pets.  This is a great story. Have your Kleenex handy. They told me the big > black Lab’s name was Reggie as I looked at him lying in > his pen. The shelter was […]