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When It’s Time to See a Geriatrician

If you’re in your 60s or 70s, you may have wondered if you should start seeing a geriatrician instead of, or in addition to, your primary care provider. These are family doctors or internists with special training in the health needs of older adults for men and women. About 30 percent of people over age […]

Share Loving Words of Gratitude (EXPERT)

Loving People live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world. How come? Wayne Dyer

How often do you remember the simple words of “please” and “thank you” in the every day busyness of life? These small acts of politeness not only make others happy, but they carry an energetic vibration of gratitude.

You are acknowledging, not only to the listener, but to the universe as a whole, that you value and respect the efforts of others. You are bearing witness that you appreciate what others do and say for you. See http://www.judhwright.com for more information.

Courage To Move Through Fear Into Success (EXPERT)

Do you have the courage to overcome fear? If you could step out of this place of fear, what would you life look like? Judy Helm Wright is an intuitive life coach who is gifted on helping people help themselves. Do not be discouraged, but rather filled with courage to face the future.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

When we’re going through adversity, it can often be hard to believe that everyone suffers loss and heartache. It can sometimes be even harder when bad things happen to people close to you- Maybe one of your relatives is diagnosed with a serious illness, and you find yourself asking the same questions. What did they do to deserve this?

Mompreneurs Interview

A few weeks ago Judy Helm “Auntie Artichoke” Wright, international relationship expert in Resilience, Responsibility, and Respect gave Catholic mompreneurs tips on how to enlist support from the troops at home.  You will learn to ignite your kids’ drives towards obedience and responsibility for both a more sane homefront and a prosperous business. Click the Mompreneurs […]

May I Have This Dance? Respectful Relationships In Marriage (EXPERT)

 Respectful Relationships In Marriage  How do people from dysfunctional homes know what is normal or appropriate in relationships? What happens if you want to be a loving parent but your role model was a bad example? How do you learn to be a mother if you have never been mothered? As a parent educator, I […]

Cyber Bullying and the Bystander Effect

How Does the Bystander Effect Affect People who Witness Cyber Bullying?

People who witness cyber bullying online know that they are not the only people to see it. They feel removed from the situation and they figure that because so many people see the bullying taking place, they are not personally responsible for doing something to stop it. As a result, cyber bullies are able to continually harass their victims with no repercussions because no one intervenes.

Anger Hurts–Keep Your Cool In Tough Situations

Following is a list of suggestions to use when you can feel your anger escalating and hurting others. Much more can be accomplished with respect for others and assuming personal responsibility for our own actions. Anger Hurts–Keep Your Cool In Tough Situations

Aunties & Uncles Send a Message of Love and Acceptance

Aunties & Uncles Send a Message of Love and Acceptance. Every child deserves to have as many loving and caring adults in their life as possible. I am called “Auntie Artichoke” because of my work with families all over the world. The artichoke is my logo and has many meaning in my life work as a wisdom guide. For more information please go to http://www.artichokepress.com Thank you from the bottom of my artichoke heart.

Give Your Child the Confidence to Combat Teasing

There are many ways to empower your child and yourself to combat teasing and maltreatment. If you are a parent whose child is suffering from teasing, you should remember that there are options. Teach your child that there are different ways to deal with teasing, and encourage them to choose the one that will make […]

What Is Hope? How You Become Hopeful

Hope is the belief that the future you imagine can become a reality. Can you make yourself feel more hopeful? I believe you can. It has been my experience and the observation of many others that those who have learned coping skills can survive and even thrive after horrible tragedies. Gain ways to be more hopeful at https://judyhwright.com

Resiliency—New Perspective On Old Problems

If you look at life through a small and narrow window (especially one that is smudged and covered with fingerprints from the past) your perspective will be no broader than just that tiny opening. By making deliberate choices about widening your “window of opportunity” you will be drawn to those solutions that can best serve your highest good. Claim your free eBook at http://www.UseEncouragingWords.com

How Do I Raise Confident Children? EXPERT

When we teach our children to give service, and care about people outside the family unit it also teaches them empathy. Service teaches them about diversity and to go outside their comfort zone. Children should be taught that the bedrock of civilization is respect for others, and gives the child a connection to the world around them and a stronger connection to the family.

5 Ways To Teach About Peer Pressure (EXPERT)

5 Ways To Teach About Peer Pressure (EXPERT) Parents have much less influence than we think we do. It is important to talk often about how to handle peer pressure and to use critical thinking skills in making decisions. Keeping your child safe is a matter of teaching them how to navigate in a sometimes negative world.

Phrases to Build Confidence

When you build confidence, both in yourself and others, use strong words that evoke a sense of movement. For instance; “I can do it” is certainly stronger than “I can’t do it.” Contrast that to “I choose to do it” which sounds more powerful and sure. The strongest is “I am going to do it! […]

3 Easy Steps To Really Enjoy Children (EXPERT)

Imagine a scene where you are laughing and having fun with the children in your life?  Can you picture the joy you will feel when there is no stress or  disharmony?  Is it possible to have that quality time with your family and children in your circle of influence?  You will think more positively after […]

Discipline But Never Punish (EXPERT)

Suppose your child has left Legos all over the living room again!  Can you picture the scene? Can you feel yourself become frustrated immediately?  Are your shoulders  instantly stiffening just thinking about the scene and the consequences?  And this was just pretend.  What happens when you are right in the midst of inappropriate behavior? Ponder […]

Solutions For Shy & Withdrawn Children (EXPERT)

Picture your child on the playground.  Is she involved with the other children, participating in the games and activities?  If not, do you wonder how you could help her to develop confidence and courage to overcome shyness? Discover Unique Ways To Build Confidence By helping the child succeed at something every day you will increase […]

2 Myths About Quality Family Time (EXPERT)

What’s with the quality time that everyone tries to accomplish with their families? Do you run yourselves ragged trying to cram a week’s worth of quality time into your evenings and weekends. As a result, you feel even more pressure and guilt because all this quality time has left no time for housework and the […]

Startling Statistics About Bullying (EXPERT)

Some Facts About Bullying Bullying is a huge problem for children in the United States and elsewhere. Recently I ran across a great info-graphic that explained some things about bullying. You can see it here: http://www.infographicsarchive.com/health-and-safety/infographic-the-truth-about-bullying/. The info-graphic shared some startling facts that I want to tell you about. First of all, what is bullying? […]

Bullying-An Imbalance Of Power (Expert)

How do you determine if you or your child is being bullied? Perhaps it was just a joke taken too far? Bullying can best be defined as an imbalance of power. Whenever there is an imbalance of power or strength that is either real or perceived there is a potential for the greater power to […]