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Give Your Child the Confidence to Combat Teasing

There are many ways to empower your child and yourself to combat teasing and maltreatment. If you are a parent whose child is suffering from teasing, you should remember that there are options. Teach your child that there are different ways to deal with teasing, and encourage them to choose the one that will make […]

Happy & Upset Words To Build Communication Skills (EXPERT)

Feeling Words and Expressions If you came from a family where you were not allowed to express your true feelings, you may not even be aware of the range of feelings that are normal and experienced every day.  In communication with your family you may find yourself overusing the old stand by’s of “Mad, Sad […]

Words Reflecting Upset Feelings

Words Reflecting “Upset” Feelings (c) Judy Helm Wright We all need to understand that there are varying degrees of upset feelings that can be expressed in ways that make communication easier.  It is empowering to be able to name your feelings.  When you can accurately describe how you feel, then others can assist you in finding solutions. […]