KidsHelpAtHome-coverHow to Get Your Kids to Help at Home

Imagine your kids being helpful around the house. You are not just getting chores done, but building responsible, self-reliant young adults. Easy-to-do ideas and methods for all ages and stages.
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kidsKids, Chores & More

Teaching Kids to be Responsible

Do Your Kids Complain About Chores? Do You Worry About Their Ability to Succeed in School and the Workplace Down the Road?
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RaiseBounceBackKids-cover-SMALLHow To Raise Resilient Bounce-Back Kids

Know your child is well equipped to bounce back from any adversity they face. Helpful ideas to problem solve and gain a new perspective. Give them the crucial life skills they need to be resilient.
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leftoutThe Left Out Child

How to Help Your Child Make Friends

Does Your Child Struggle To Make Friends? Do You Worry About Their Social Skills For The Future?
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Raising Smart & Kind Kids – trilogy

Don’t ask how smart is my child. Rather, how is my child smart? Learning styles, reading readiness, critical thinking, and problem-solving are just some of the ways to gain knowledge and empathy.

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The Baby Years

The Toddler Years

The Preschool Years

encUse Encouraging Words

To Encourage Positive Action

All parents want to raise loving, creative, self-confident kids. Gain methods for enhancing self-esteem with encouraging words.
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BuildingConfidenceAndSelfEsteem-coverBuilding Confidence and Self Esteem

Because you want your child to feel confident and make wise choices in life, you will love this book. Discover easy methods of encouraging positive actions and attitudes. Begin it today!
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TextBullying-coverText Bullying – Is Your Child Being Bullied Online?

Can you spot the signs of bullying? What can you do to help if your child is being bullied? Could your child be the bully, the bullied, or the bystander? Helpful advice and tips for parents.

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cashWelcome Abundance

Would you like to make wise investments in friends, careers, and relationships?
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