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Losing Sleep after Losing a Loved One: 4 Tips to Get You Back on Track

There’s no guidebook for dealing with the loss of a spouse or a partner. It’s a long, solitary journey full of emotional ups and downs, pushes and pulls. From despair and grief to anger and guilt, obsessive thoughts and stressful emotions can take a huge toll of your quality of life— both while you’re awake and asleep. No matter how much support you have, there will be times where loneliness creeps in, most often during the dark hours of the night.

Share Loving Words of Gratitude (EXPERT)

Loving People live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world. How come? Wayne Dyer

How often do you remember the simple words of “please” and “thank you” in the every day busyness of life? These small acts of politeness not only make others happy, but they carry an energetic vibration of gratitude.

You are acknowledging, not only to the listener, but to the universe as a whole, that you value and respect the efforts of others. You are bearing witness that you appreciate what others do and say for you. See for more information.

6 Types of Bullies & Victims (EXPERT)

Are you a victim of a bully? Can you recognize the six different kinds of bullying that goes on? This blog post is very helpful for those who may expect they or someone they know are being bullied in some way. Bullies don’t grow out of their abuse of power ways, they simply become more devious. You will find suggestions and tip to recognize those who are in abusive and bullying situations.

Courage To Move Through Fear Into Success (EXPERT)

Do you have the courage to overcome fear? If you could step out of this place of fear, what would you life look like? Judy Helm Wright is an intuitive life coach who is gifted on helping people help themselves. Do not be discouraged, but rather filled with courage to face the future.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

When we’re going through adversity, it can often be hard to believe that everyone suffers loss and heartache. It can sometimes be even harder when bad things happen to people close to you- Maybe one of your relatives is diagnosed with a serious illness, and you find yourself asking the same questions. What did they do to deserve this?

What is Hope? What is Hopelessness? (EXPERT)

Many who had suffered unimaginable trauma and abuse were able to see a “light at the end of the tunnel” by having a person give them some sense of possibility. The reinforcement of their worth caused them to recognize that among the horrible things that had happened were some moments of joy and light. What is Hope? What is Hopelessness? (EXPERT)

Is Poverty A Form Of Abuse Or A Springboard To Success? (EXPERT)

Low-income status or poverty can be considered abusive as it exposes children and adolescents to many of the other associated stressors such as poor nutrition, community violence, and substandard housing and health care.
Or….Poverty Can Be Springboard to Success

Many of the world’s richest, smartest and most entrepreneurial people came from a background of if not poverty, certainly a lack of ready money. Is poverty considered abuse? Come to and join our community of kind, thoughtful people who want respect for all. You will be glad you did.

Danger Signs of Debt-How To Make More Money

No matter what circumstances may have thrown you off track in being financially secure, there are solutions. Hopefully, you will gain a new understanding of financial security. It is important for you to learn the danger signs of debt and to figure out ways to either cut down spending or increase the income. Times are […]

Anger Hurts–Keep Your Cool In Tough Situations

Following is a list of suggestions to use when you can feel your anger escalating and hurting others. Much more can be accomplished with respect for others and assuming personal responsibility for our own actions. Anger Hurts–Keep Your Cool In Tough Situations

Healthy Boundaries Define Who We Are (EXPERT)

A boundary or limit lets me know how far I can go with comfort in a relationship, either personal or professional. It lets me know where my psychological and physical space ends and yours begins. This knowledge of how far we can go with comfort is necessary for love, intimacy and trust. Learn more at

Give Your Child the Confidence to Combat Teasing

There are many ways to empower your child and yourself to combat teasing and maltreatment. If you are a parent whose child is suffering from teasing, you should remember that there are options. Teach your child that there are different ways to deal with teasing, and encourage them to choose the one that will make […]

What Is Hope? How You Become Hopeful

Hope is the belief that the future you imagine can become a reality. Can you make yourself feel more hopeful? I believe you can. It has been my experience and the observation of many others that those who have learned coping skills can survive and even thrive after horrible tragedies. Gain ways to be more hopeful at

Be a Job Creator

Tired Of Working For Someone Else? Then Create Your Own Job Americans are probably the most goal driven, achievement-oriented people in the world. We spend so much money at conferences, seminars and with “gurus of success” looking for the secret to making more money. Everyone wants to be considered successful, and no one wants to […]

Resiliency—New Perspective On Old Problems

If you look at life through a small and narrow window (especially one that is smudged and covered with fingerprints from the past) your perspective will be no broader than just that tiny opening. By making deliberate choices about widening your “window of opportunity” you will be drawn to those solutions that can best serve your highest good. Claim your free eBook at

Resiliency in Death of a Loved One

Resiliency in Death of a Loved One © Judy Helm Wright As playwright Robert Anderson said in Tuesdays with Morrie, “Death ends a life, not a relationship.” What is that new relationship going to look like, now that our loved one can no longer stand before us and talk about the weather? How can […]

Montana is a Resilient, Optimistic, Bounce-Back State

Montana is a Resilient, Bounce-Back State © Judy Helm Wright If you picture Montana as a picturesque outdoor sports haven, you would be partially right.  The mountains in the “Big Sky Country” are certainly worth visiting.  But, so is the attitude and optimism of the people of Montana. Resilience is the ability to keep […]

Suffering, Sleeplessness, and Sadness

Suffering, Sleeplessness, and Sadness © Judy Helm Wright As the seasons are changing so are our moods.  Many who are suffering from sadness or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) will find themselves also suffering from sleeplessness. Knowing that others have survived experiences similar to ours gives us hope, but it does not diminish our own […]

Friendship and Community

Friendship and Community Friendship has been described as the springboard to every other love and relationship in life. Communication and interaction skills learned with friends spill over into all connections in life. Those who have few friends or support networks also tend to have a diminished capacity for sustaining marriages, work, and neighborhood relationships. How adults manage […]

Words Describing “Happy” Feelings

Words Describing “Happy” Feelings © Judy Helm Wright Just as there are varying degrees of upset feelings, there are just as many different words to describe happy emotions. When you use the right words, then people know and understand where you are coming from and how to connect with you on a deeper level. […]

Words Reflecting Upset Feelings

Words Reflecting “Upset” Feelings (c) Judy Helm Wright We all need to understand that there are varying degrees of upset feelings that can be expressed in ways that make communication easier.  It is empowering to be able to name your feelings.  When you can accurately describe how you feel, then others can assist you in finding solutions. […]