Self Growth & Empowerment

Success or Failure -Teeter Totter

Success Or Failure- Teeter-Totter   Recently I needed a see-saw or teeter-totter as a visual for a video I was doing on balance. Aside from the fact it was very hard to find (don’t children play with small toys anymore) it represented how opposite things are in life. For instance, success and failure are both […]

3 Ways Women Give Away Their Power

3 Ways Women Give Away Their Power What is power anyway? How does one get it and how does one give it away? What three words come to mind when I say power?  Is it control? Is it domination?  Is energy, as in turning on the electrical power? By focusing on control or domination, we […]

Sounding Board and MasterMind

Sounding Board and Master Mind. I can literally mark the day my income started climbing and my mind shifted to a new level.  It was when I joined a master mind of successful people.  You do not bring problems or whine about situations to the group, but instead ask for insight and guidance. The idea […]

Encouragement, Praise and Empowerment

Encouragement, Praise and Empowerment There is a big difference between praise and encouragement. Many parents, employers and mentors do not know what to say that will motivate and empower others.  As a parent educator and family coach for over 25 years, I have seen and experienced this confusion in my own  life and the lives […]

Empathy, Sympathy; Emotions and Understanding for Others

Empathy, Emotions and Understanding for Other People When we have empathy, we understand that other people are emotional beings and their emotions are affected by every experience in life.  We also understand that while we may have had similar experiences, we really have no idea exactly how they feel. Empathy is much different from sympathy. […]

Set An Intention To Move Forward

Set An Intention To Move Forward The fact that you are reading this book or article tells me that you want to move forward in life.  You have already set that intention when you picked it up and started reading. Without verbalizing it, you may have subconsciously thought “I want to do more, be more, […]