Sounding Board and MasterMind

Sounding Board and MasterMind

Sounding Board and Master Mind. I can literally mark the day my income started climbing and my mind shifted to a new level.  It was when I joined a master mind of successful people.  You do not bring problems or whine about situations to the group, but instead ask for insight and guidance.

The idea behind a master mind is that all of the individual minds of the members create another member and that is the MasterMind.

See to find out about joining the next mastermind.  It will change your life as it has mine.

We become very susceptible to the environment where we spend most of our time.  We tend to think and act like those we associate with most of the time.  Have you ever known anyone who went overseas for a year and came home with an accent?  That becomes the new normal.

So when you hang around with successful  and sharing people you will find yourself becoming a  more and more successful and sharing person.  Join Judy on the road to empowerment and success. Not empowerment byJudy, or for Judy but with Judy. Let's walk together.

Thank you for joining this community of kind, thoughtful people who want to raise a generation of children who respect the rights of others.

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This is called our “circle of influence” those who touch our lives and those whose lives we touch.  As you grow in empowerment, you will want to watch your circle very closely in order to grow to your highest good.

You are never walking alone. Take my hand and I will accompany you on this exciting journey. JHW

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