Father Bonding with Baby: The Role of Strong, Safe Role Models for Kids

Being a father is a great joy in nearly every man’s life. Your child is one of your greatest loves, and will continue to provide you with joy and wonderful memories for years to come. That is, as long as you are bonding and growing with him or her. As your baby ages, you need to make sure that you are present, physically, mentally and spiritually. Growing together, becoming closer, will help you to develop that special relationship that you want with your child. You will have the chance to find joy together and to build the connections of trust and loyalty.

Why Children Lie and Blame Others

Why Children Lie and Blame Others © Judy Helm Wright Helping children develop morality, responsibility and that inner compass of integrity is our goal.  While lying is a normal aspect of growing up, it should not be ignored or tolerated with indifference. Study the pattern of your child’s lying.  Be pretty sure you understand […]