Self Growth & Empowerment

Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs, and Emotions

Only Beliefs Have Power Over You The difference between a thought and a belief is that you may have thousands of thoughts racing through your mind but none of them have any power except those that you deem to be true and accurate. Those thoughts and belief systems that you hold to be true with […]

Time to Think- Develop Problem Solving Skills

Time to Think- Develop Problem Solving Skills ©Judy Helm Wright htttp:// In these shifting and fast paced times it is hard to stop your thoughts from racing and to concentrate on problem solving. Often, the negative mind chatter is running so quickly that creative problem solving is not possible. Mind chatter or racing thoughts is […]

3 Steps to be an Assertive Person

3 Steps to be an Assertive Person © Judy Helm Wright Every day you make choices.  You choose what to wear. You choose which way you will drive to work. What to have for breakfast.  You make all sorts of different choices before ten in the morning. But you also choose to be an […]

Forgiveness Heals

Forgiveness Heals © Judy H. Wright   If you feel you have been wronged, or betrayed, or robbed of your happiness or well-being by another person or situation, you have the right to those feelings.  But know that those negative emotions are hurting you far more than they are the one who caused you […]

7 Steps to Raise Resilient Kids

7 Steps to Raise Resilient Kids (c) Judy Helm Wright   Resilience in life means that you and your child can bounce back from adversity.  It could be traumatic like a death in the family, or as trivial (to you) as not being asked to play during recess. Resilient kids have been shown in […]

You Are Special! Build Your Own Self-Esteem

You Are Special! Build Your Own Self-Esteem (c) Judy H. Wright   As an infant, you were whole in spirit and filled to the brim with potential. Your self-esteem was over the top. You did not need to be told to believe you were special. It never even occurred to you that there was […]

Spirit and Soul-Who is The Real You?

Spirit and Soul-Who is The Real You?  There are always clues about the real you.  The clues are within the good feelings, the moments of pure joy, the passion of a project that you are developing. Your spirit and soul speak to the real you about the real you.  Listen carefully. You will recognize the […]

Help Kids be Problem Solvers

If you want your kids to be problem solvers, you have to let them solve their own problems, as much as possible.Empower them to find solutions.  Your job is to help them to help themselves. Focus Attention on the Learning Experience When parents and other caregivers focus only on the finished products, it does not […]

Stability and Balance in Life-Bounce Back People

Equilibrium and Stability Homeostasis is a fancy word that means “a state of equilibrium or a tendency to reach balance, within a cell or organism.” It is what you do when you evolve, grow or develop into what you were designed and born to do. Physically, when it is cold you shiver to bring your […]

Stages and Seasons of a Balanced Life

Balancing Stages and Segments What is a balance, anyway? This is such an elusive concept, because it is different for each person. What is a well-balanced diet for one person is not necessarily what is right for everyone. What is a balanced life is different for a young mother than for a mid-life executive. There […]

Family of Friends Gather to Share

Family of Friends I have a group of women friends who join together at least every two weeks for a Sacred Journey. We study inspirational books and have lively discussions, but we also support one another in tragedy and triumph. This is a family of friends that I have selected.  My husband has a family of friends that goes […]

Some Will Like You, Some Will Hate You, Don’t Be People Pleaser

Out of every 10 people you meet, 4 will immediately like and accept you. 4 will be on the fence and withhold judgment until you have proven yourself and your intentions, and 2 will dislike you no matter what you do, say or offer.

Making Sense of It – Decide to Be Happy

How do we make sense of all the incongruities and inequalities of life? How do we understand how this innocent little child dies and this sexual pervert gets away to harm another and another? In times of despair, depression or ultimate happiness and joy, we hunger for more. We ache to understand how to understand. […]

Self Soothing Tool Kit

As an empowerment coach and life educator, I teach families about the importance of self-soothing rituals and calming techniques for each member of the family. When you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed you can more easily relax by finding ways to be kind, gentle and comforting to yourself. By utilizing the five senses of feel, […]

Is There A Book Hiding Inside You?

Have you always wanted to write? Are there ideas churning in your mind waiting for just the right time to get them down on paper? Do you have a unique perspective on a subject or problem facing many people? Do you read a book or article and think, “I could write better than that?” Have […]

The Second Half of My Life

Have you ever wondered where destiny would lead you? Have you ever pondered whether the road you are taking would lead to fulfillment and happiness? Unlike so many of my friends and family, I have always had the sure knowledge of what was expected of me.   It was under a shade tree surrounded by […]

Assume Personal Responsibility? Who me?

As thinking, acting human beings we have the ability to choose our response to events, people and circumstances. We do not become responsible when we mature; we mature when we become responsible. Psychologists teach that the only reasons people are ever motivated or moved to action is to gain a reward or avoid a penalty. […]

Stress Management Techniques

Self-Care Strategies: Substantial breakfast daily Regular sleeping habits (minimum of 7 hours) No smoking Moderate use of alcohol, caffeine and other drugs Minimal intake of sugar & highly processed foods Maintenance of proper weight Regular exercise program Drink much more water than you usually do. Relaxation Techniques: Jog in place or do jumping jacks–count to […]

Strength and Weakness-Become Stronger in Weak Places

Strength and Weakness – Become Stronger in Weak Places As a business owner, parent educator, parent and volunteer in the community, I have had an opportunity to see strengths and weakness in many people. Our children have had sports coaches who made them feel great about themselves whether they won or lost the game. These […]

5 Tips for Family Resilience- Bounce Back From Adversity

5 Tips for Family Resilience- Bounce Back From Adversity Family resilience is the ability to bounce back from the adversities and bad luck that befall us.  No family or individual is immune from misfortune and tragedy. Daily life is filled with challenges to individual members of the family and sometimes to the family unit itself. […]

3 Ways Women Give Away Their Power

3 Ways Women Give Away Their Power What is power anyway? How does one get it and how does one give it away? What three words come to mind when I say power?  Is it control? Is it domination?  Is energy, as in turning on the electrical power? By focusing on control or domination, we […]