Strength and Weakness-Become Stronger in Weak Places

Strength and Weakness-Become Stronger in Weak Places

Strength and Weakness – Become Stronger in Weak Places

As a business owner, parent educator, parent and volunteer in the community, I have had an opportunity to see strengths and weakness in many people. Our children have had sports coaches who made them feel great about themselves whether they won or lost the game.

These great coaches encouraged them to make the tasks they do right, even better. They have also helped them to manage the weak places and either improve or move to another position.

Now, on the other hand, they also had teachers and coaches who had a personal agenda which including making the student better by pointing out every thing they did wrong. These teachers and coaches not only pointed out the weak places, but took great pleasure in humiliating or embarrassing them.

By focusing on the strengths that are right, we will get more of the strong behavior and learn to manage the weaknesses.

This did not motivate excellence or even a willingness to try again, but rather a fear of failure. So instead of managing weak areas, people of all ages, tend to avoid them or assume they will do badly.


Self Full Filling Prophecy

What we focus on, we get more of. It is called the Law of Attraction and has been in the news a lot lately, but has existed forever. It is not new. It is eternal and exists just like air, electricity, gravity or all of the other laws of the universe.

By focusing on the weakness, we simply become weaker. Focus on strength and we will become stronger.

Instead of becoming angry at what your child or employee does wrong, focus would be on identifying and developing strengths while managing or outsourcing the weakness.

Recognize Your Strengths

What do you do right? At a recent seminar, I asked the participants to list 5 things they did right so far that day. I was astounded at how few of them could find 5 successes and accomplishments to share.

When I asked them to list 5 things they had “screwed up” the response was instantaneous. When I pointed out that for every mistake a child does right, he or she also does at least 19 things right.

Every single person can do one thing better than any other 10,000 people.

You Bake Cookies, I Buy Cookies

10,000 of you are better cookie bakers than I am. So I could beat myself up about it and take classes and read cook books, or……I could buy cookies.

My time is better served on writing books and articles, which I love and which is easy for me to do. That may not be one of your strengths and unless you are really dedicated, why not let me write and you bake cookies?


Self Awareness Quiz on Strength and Weakness

  1. Do you agree with this definition of success “Find out what you do well and just do more of it.”
  2. Can you list 5 areas where you are weak and how you could outsource or build a system to manage it?
  3. Can you list 5 areas where you are strong and how you can nurture ways to double your productivity by enhancing these strengths?


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