Success or Failure -Teeter Totter

Success Or Failure- Teeter-Totter


Recently I needed a see-saw or teeter-totter as a visual for a video I was doing on balance. Aside from the fact it was very hard to find (don’t children play with small toys anymore) it represented how opposite things are in life. For instance, success and failure are both ends of the same board.  Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down.


Many of the “good things” in life can quickly turn into “bad things” when they are misused. Fire can heat our food and warm our bodies, but it can so easily destroy our homes and neighborhoods if it gets out of control.


Let’s look at the up side of success and the down side of failure.


1.    Assuming responsibility for our choices versus blaming others or circumstances.

2.    Recognizing that not everything will work out right the first time versus beating our selves up for not getting it correct.

3.    Having a plan and taking steps every day to move forward towards those goals versus thinking about a better live but not taking the actual steps to follow through. It is the difference between a concrete plan and a vague wish.

4.    A willingness to hang in there for the long run and work hard to reach a goal versus quitting too soon.

5.    Doing a job right versus taking shortcuts and giving up what you really want for what you want right now.


Ying and Yang


As I study and network with successful people, I see that they have been on the teeter totter many times, but always make sure that they end on top.


When you encounter failure, ask yourself how you can turn it into success?  You can do it. I have confidence in you.


Self Awareness Quiz

1.    Can you list at least 5 things you did successfully today?

2.    When you have made mistakes or failed at a task, are you able to find the lesson you have learned?

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3.    Do you have clear cut goals and move towards them daily?


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