Stability and Balance in Life-Bounce Back People

Equilibrium and Stability

Homeostasis is a fancy word that means “a state of equilibrium or a tendency to reach balance, within a cell or organism.” It is what you do when you evolve, grow or develop into what you were designed and born to do.

Physically, when it is cold you shiver to bring your body temperature up. When it is hot, you sweat to bring your temperature down. Your body is well adapted to respond to bring you back into an optimal state.
We will always have opposing and competing forces or factors trying to gain control of the six areas of life (family, social, money, spiritual, emotional, and physical). But, we can achieve a mental state of calmness and composure as we work toward emotional stability. We can become bounce-back people.I know, because I have done it.

The only constant is the six areas of life, which is the same for every single human being. Philosopher Thomas Merton said “Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”

See-Saw or Teeter-Totter

Can you visualize a see-saw on the playground? This is a wonderful toy that teaches cooperation and team work. It consists of a recreational unit in which two people sit at either end of a bar or a plank balanced in the middle on some kind of a wedge and take turns riding up in the air.

The movement of up and down or back and forth has a rhythm that is expected to change as the riders alternate positions of up and down. They are literally being bounce-back people.

I remember yelling “I see you” on the way up and “I saw you” on the way down. Depending on the weight and intensity of the cousin on the other end, I was usually on the way up or dropped down hard when whoever was on the other end jumped off suddenly.

To be absolutely balanced and in synch is exhausting and not really that much fun. It is simply too hard to stay absolutely in balance. That is a rigid stance. Bounce-back people are more flexible and adaptable to the jumps and bumps and full plates of life.

A more realistic goal is to recognize that sometimes you will be up and sometimes you will be down.
The real enjoyment comes from the bounce up and the bounce down – as long as it is not too far up or too far down. Too far up and you fly off and can get hurt. Too far down and you land with a thud and have to use a lot of leverage to get the seesaw moving again. It is not always easy to bounce-back.

Rhythm and Flow

The idea of being in rhythm rather than in absolute balance allows for shifts to happen without your being knocked on your fanny.
It is an ongoing dance of the environment, the other person and our ability to adapt to how high to push and when to just go along for the ride.
Blessings to each one of you, where ever you are in your life or the world.
Judy Helm Wright, author and speaker
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