Help Kids be Problem Solvers

Help Kids be Problem Solvers

If you want your kids to be problem solvers, you have to let them solve their own problems, as much as possible.Empower them to find solutions.  Your job is to help them to help themselves.

Focus Attention on the Learning Experience

When parents and other caregivers focus only on the finished products, it does not encourage the child to be a problem solver. If only perfectly made beds are acceptable, then why keep trying because perfection is not possible. If A is an accepted and expected grade, then what happens when the child enjoys a subject but doesn’t get good grades on the test?

3 Problem Solving Steps

Give your child a "can do" attitude by helping them to become problem solvers.

  • Trail and error is a great teacher. Logical and natural consequences help children learn much more than one more lecture on how to do “my way.”

If the soccer uniform does not get in the laundry, then the child will have to wear a stained shirt to the game.  Questions such as “What did you learn from this experience today?” or even “Given how this turned out for you, what do you think you could do next time?”

  • Next Time….

As you help the child evaluate, plan for the next time and encourage them to problem solve on their own, you will be adding to the core of confidence.

By stressing that failure is never final and we are all on a learning curve, you will be giving them permission to start over.

  • Who Owns the Problem?

If you and your child have agreed on chores and school responsiblity and you keep bugging and reminding, you still own the problem.  Why should he remember when he knows from experience that you will keep nagging.

Even if you get mad, that is still attention and interaction with you, so it is not all bad. Gradually, your child will learn to be inner-directed, rather than outer-directed. He or she will

In Kids, Chores and More you will learn to not only work together to divide up the chores, but what the consequences are for not doing your job.  When the expectations are clear, you no longer have to be the referee and judge.

Generally your child wants to please you and for everyone to do their share. Sometimes, the task is too overwhelming and it is easier to give up.

Perhaps you feel that way about teaching your child to assume personal responsibility. Teaching your child to  become a problem solver is not easy but possible. Especially with the assistance and guidance of the tips, techniques and methods located at Kids,Chores and More.

Get it today.  It will be an investment in your families harmony and the future of your child.

You can help your kids to be problems solvers.  I know, because I have done it. You can too. I have confidence in you.

Blessings, Judy

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