Excess Baggage Costs You More

You will pay much more for extra baggage.

Do you realize how much the excess baggage will cost you when you fly? Just as airlines are now charging you an additional fee for every piece of baggage, so does your life. Surplus thoughts and suitcases take up room and cost you more. In planning the last trip we took, we were very selective about what we were going to pack and what we could do without.

Simplify Your Suitcase

If you are unsure what to take on a trip-take it out. Excess baggage costs you more in airports and in life.
If you are unsure what to take on a trip-take it out. Excess baggage costs you more in airports and in life.

We simplified, combined forces and discarded what was not going to be useful. It was an amazing transformation as we realized how many trips for which we had over packed.

We used to carry everything, just in case we needed it – and we didn’t. The clean clothes got mixed with the dirty. The unused outer apparel got heavy and uncomfortable when we ended up having to wear it. It was a mess. And yet, we just kept doing the same dumb thing and expecting it to turn out differently. Yikes.

Penalty for Packing Too Much

Only when there was a penalty involved did we get rid of the excess baggage. What a relief to be free of worrying about things and be able to focus on the experience.
When you allow yourself to be weighed down with a sense of failure and a litany of past disappointments it will cost you much more than money.

Excess Baggage Weighs You Down

If you are packing extra negative emotions like anger, resentment, regret, sadness and revenge, just in case you need them, you will surely get stuck somewhere unpleasant. And you will miss all the fun.
These negative thoughts, beliefs and experiences will slow you down on your journey and make it difficult to move forward towards success and fulfillment.

Make a choice to examine some of the stuff you are carrying around and let it go. It will not serve your highest good and it has no place in your future. Whether the extra baggage is in things or thoughts, you will travel lighter and faster when the excess has been removed.

You have already learned the lessons you needed to be a bounce back person.

Self-Awareness Quiz

1. The last time you went on a trip, did you over-pack?
2. Do you have excess baggage stored in your mind, from past experiences?
3. Isn’t it time to sort through and get rid of what is not serving you well on your life’s journey?

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