Stages and Seasons of a Balanced Life

Balancing Stages and Segments

What is a balance, anyway? This is such an elusive concept, because it is different for each person. What is a well-balanced diet for one person is not necessarily what is right for everyone. What is a balanced life is different for a young mother than for a mid-life executive.

There is no “one way fits all.” We each have our own journey towards our own individual destiny. Each of us is in our own ever-changing environment.

Stage of Life

Juggling lots of balls in life? Makes it easier to know that there are stages and segments to life and there will be time for all that is important to you.

Our attention is sometimes governed by which stage of life we are in. When you are a young parent, you will be spending the majority of your time and focus on your children.  To everything there is a season.  You can do anything you want, just not all at the same time.

My mother used to tell me that there would be time to do all the fun things I wanted to do.  She tried so hard to teach me that if you are worried about the past and concerned about the future, you are going to miss the miracles of the now.

As I age, it is easier to see and understand.  There is no need to rush. Those things that we are destined to do will all come in their own time frame.

Segments of Time

Our day is made up of segments or periods of time.  We accomplish more when we bunch similar tasks together and prioritize our day in a more organized way. Segment intentions is a concept I learned many years ago that has helped me to focus on what I want to do, be and have in this one little stage of my life.

For instance, when I have errands to run, I speak and feel an intention (which is really a prayer) that I will be able to find all that our family needs and find it quickly, efficiently and at a fair price. I intend that I will find parking places close to the store, as well as products that are easy to locate and on sale. I also intend that I will bless the people I interact with in a loving, kind manner. My smile and genuine appreciation will uplift their day.

Intend Your Purpose

When that segment or portion of my day is drawing to a successful close, then I can intend or pray that the next period will be profitable in time, energy and thought processes.

Yes, the segments often overlap or change, but flexibility is what healthy people strive for. Be flexible as you move forward toward what you ultimately want to accomplish.

True unhappiness comes when you give up what you really want , for what you want right now.

You will get where you want to be, if you don’t stop. Always be in an open process headed towards your goals and dreams.

The Universe rewards action and movement. But inspiration and creativity come to you in the quiet moments between activities.  Balance is taking appropriate action, but not losing focus on the ultimate goal, even if circumstances shift.

Self-Awareness Quiz

  1. Do you set an intention for your day so you are not wandering aimlessly?
  2. Do you recognize the segments and stages of your life and how the demands will differ?
  3. Do you save a space for quiet contemplation, so you can be guided on your life journey?

Your presence occupies a valuable segment in this stage of my life and I am grateful for you being you.  Please check out the for fun live lessons to post on your social media accounts.

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