Self Soothing Tool Kit

Self Soothing Tool Kit

As an empowerment coach and life educator, I teach families about the importance of self-soothing rituals and calming techniques for each member of the family. When you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed you can more easily relax by finding ways to be kind, gentle and comforting to yourself.

By utilizing the five senses of feel, taste, touch, smell and sound you can build an arsenal of empowering experiences.

Is it is art, a special chair, a clean kitchen, the color on the wall or a rock in your pocket?  What helps you relax when you are “home.”

When I was a young mother trying to do way too much for way too many people, I found rejuvenation and relaxation by smelling the essential oil of lavender. One client, Pat, found that she could calm down by touching a tree in her yard.  Just leaning against it and breathing deeply was enough to move her into an emotionally healthy place and a much more appreciated member of the family.

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