Family of Friends Gather to Share

Family of Friends

I have a group of women friends who join together at least every two weeks for a Sacred Journey. We study inspirational books and have lively discussions, but we also support one another in tragedy and triumph.

This is a family of friends that I have selected.  My husband has a family of friends that goes bowling twice a week.  My sister has a family of friends that does charity work. My brother has a family of friends that rides horses every Tuesday night and most weekends. Our daughter Debra has a family of friends that goes hiking in the mountains.

Who is your family of friends?  They may be in a number of different areas of interest. No matter who is in your tribe, you need the social network of support that comes from others who care about you.

We each have a number of family friends, but it is also important to have a family of friends. Those who will support you in tragedy and triumph.

Who is Your Tribe?

Seth Godin, an internet marketing guru and bestselling author, helped many of us to be aware of the tribes we were in or leading.

A tribe is a group of people connected to one another through similar thoughts, philosophies and goals either online or off-line. This tribe and community may be made up of people who are not related by blood but rather by interest and common direction of movement.

I think of the tribes that we belong to; organizations that support caring for the environment, online groups that support writers, groups of runners, people we meet at classic car shows, etc.  There is a connection but not the level of intimacy that you might find in a smaller family of friends or neighborhood community.

For every human being to feel connected and a part of something bigger, each must have a feeling of belonging. If you did not have that feeling of belonging when you were growing up, you will always have a yearning for it in your heart.  Your eyes will be searching for your home or tribe or the group that feels right and secure.

Many clients and friends have told me they always felt they were born in the wrong family.  They kept searching for the group that resonated with them.  They found it in a church or a neighborhood or even a square dancing group!

Lisa, a client, said the first time she put on a bunch of petticoats and a twirl skirt, she felt at home.  The friendships and culture of dancing and celebrating life together with those who had similar tastes were what she had been searching for all her life.

Her body picked up the rhythm of the dance as if she had been born to it.  Maybe she was.

Who is your family of friends?  Do you have a group of people who support your efforts? Be sure to claim your free eBook on the use of encouraging words in relationships.  You will be so glad you did.

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