Friendship and Community

Friendship and Community

Friendship has been described as the springboard to every other love and relationship in life. Communication and interaction skills learned with friends spill over into all connections in life. Those who have few friends or support networks also tend to have a diminished capacity for sustaining marriages, work, and neighborhood relationships.

How adults manage social situations affects the way the children in their lives

Friendship and acceptance is vital in building a community of kind, thoughtful people who have respect for all.

view human communication. If you have meaningful relationships that add pleasure and joy to the quality of your life, those children will see and want to have the same thing.

Relationships With Others

We all know people who live on the fringes of life. Their best friends on the actors on their weekly comedy show.  For thirty minutes weekly, they live vicariously through the antics and made-up situations of people who are not real.

People who do not develop true relationships with others, who keep themselves separate from real life, cheat themselves of the richness of relationship.

Many allow the fear of letting go of the vulnerable self and joining in the feelings of those they associate with daily.

We can’t survive without relationships, some intimate, some close, and some casual. We all crave the acknowledgement of being alive.  We want our contribution, no matter how small, to be valued and appreciated.

Bless and Affirm Your Community

In addition to the family of origin, or perhaps in spite of them, have you formed a family of friends, like-minded people and others you enjoy? At Artichoke Press, we like to call our customers, clients and faithful readers “our community.” Every morning I send blessings and support to the members of our community of kind, thoughtful people who believe in respect for all.

Cathy, a client in a mastermind session said recently, “Life is like a roller-coaster ride. But without my faith community it would be like a roller-coaster ride without seatbelts or safety bars on a swaying frame. It would be really scary.”


Self-Awareness Quiz

  1. Do you affirm and bless your community of friends? Do you tell them thank you and treat them with respect?
  2. Do you know more about a group of actors on a television show than about your co-workers or neighbors?
  3. What could you do to increase your relationships in community and build a family of friends?

Relationships are vital to our happiness and health.  I have confidence in your ability to form a community of caring individuals who will sustain and value your friendship.

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