Suffering, Sleeplessness, and Sadness

Suffering, Sleeplessness, and Sadness

Suffering, Sleeplessness, and Sadness

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As the seasons are changing so are our moods.  Many who are suffering from sadness or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) will find themselves also suffering from sleeplessness.

Knowing that others have survived experiences similar to ours gives us hope, but it does not diminish our own individual suffering.

Each person has their own sadness and thus their own individual road to overcoming suffering and the usual accompaniment; sleeplessness.

Sadness and Suffering

When we have suffered or been sad, we appreciate the joy of finding peace.  Usually that peace is when we are awake and interacting with others who will support and encourage our journey.  But for many, peace comes in a good night’s sleep with the best bed from the labor day mattress sale 2019.

It is easier to see the positive when you are well rested.

Sleeping like a baby is the goal of those suffering from sadness and sleeplessness.

SAD Solutions

I was impressed by an article in healthy resources, by Gila Lindsley, Ph.D., A.C.P.

The article was long and mostly scientific, but there were some tips that I found helpful. You may want to read the entire article.

Tips for avoiding the winter blahs, blues, or SAD

  • Pay attention to your moods and energy levels. If you realize that your spirits begin to sink at the end of the summer, take pre-emptive action. A good offense is better than after-the-fact defense.
  • Plan active events for yourself in advance of the fall.
  • Expose yourself to as much bright light as you can. If it is a sunny day, go outside as much as you can. If it is grey and overcast, use as much light indoors as you can.
  • Stay physically active, and begin your physical activity before the blahs get you.
  • Try to establish a mental set that will help you to enjoy the wintertime. It is going to happen, so gear yourself to get pleasure out of it.
  • By all means, if you feel yourself sinking and realize you are losing control, don’t feel ashamed or try to hide it. You are in good company. Many people feel this way. Seek competent professional help. What you learn for this season is something you can probably do for yourself in all the falls and winters to come.

Survive Suffering, Sadness and Sleeplessness

When we have gone through some rough patches, we can be softer and less judgmental of others who are suffering or sad.  We can be more compassionate with others and recognize our interdependence with one another.  We can also be more compassionate with ourselves knowing that “this too shall pass.”

Self-Awareness Quiz

  1. Are you sadder when the weather turns dark and gloomy?
  2. Can you find ways to go to sleep naturally?
  3. Were some of the tips about SAD helpful to you in finding solutions for sadness and sleeplessness?

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