Important Words to Build Relationships

Important Words to Build Relationships

Using Important Encouraging Words to Build

Relationships (EXPERT)

Good communication skills are fundamental to all relationships, both personal and professional from

Verbal language is often called “the communication of information.” Body language, or non-verbal, communications are known as “the communication of relationships.” To be successful in life , you need to use interpersonal skills and both methods of communication to reach your goals and to assist others in reaching theirs.

In my book Building Self Confidence With Encouraging Words, I write about the characteristics of low self-esteem versus high self-esteem.  One of the major differences is the ability to communicate what you really want from life.  Those with low self-esteem tend to have no clear idea what they really value or what would make them happy. They often don’t hear or believe compliments and praise, unless it is spoken with a lot of emotion.

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 Those who have high self-esteem have learned to communicate.  They know how to ask for what they want and to hear and heed advice and compliments.  It is less important for them to be right than to be effective.  They listen more than they speak.

Positive Encouraging Words To Use

If you are interested in building and enhancing relationships, here is a list of important words for you to ponder and share with the people in your life.

The six most important words:

“I admit I made a mistake”

The five most important words:

“You did a good job”

The four most important words:

“What do you think?”

The three most important words:

“I love you”

The two most important words:

“Thank you”

The one most important word:


The least important word:


Well-chosen words can motivate, offer hope, create vision, impact thinking, and alter results in life. Combined with a pat on the back, hug or smile, they can influence all of your relationships for the better.

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