Heal or Health? Physical State of Being

Heal or Health? Physical State of Being

Heal or Health? Physical State of Being

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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” World Health Organization



Safe But Stuck in Your Physical State of Being

If you are not doing what you want to do because you are too tired, too weak, too worried about germs and viruses then you are denying yourself a full life.  Some people have a long list of physical reasons and justifications why they can’t do the things they enjoy.

How do you heal from health issues?

I am often asked to speak to support groups for such illnesses as Parkinson, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Brain Injury.  I am also a frequent speaker at early-education conferences. Being young, immobile, aching, sick or hurting are all explanations but they are not excuses.


While caregivers and staff are interested in safety and protection from harm, most of us want to be active and involved.  Safe means stuck to those who hunger for the feeling of aliveness. They want to be able to run, walk, dance and move their body.  They may have health issues but want to heal their ideas of what limitations have been placed on their physical state of being.

They want ideas on adapting to limitations but expressing joy with their physical body.


Move It or Lose It

Physical state of being means adapting your health issues in order to heal as much as possible.
Physical state of being means adapting your health issues in order to heal as much as possible.


Providing you give your body sufficient rest, our parts and pieces thrive on activity.  The Universe rewards movement of any kind. When you take the action of movement, the energy will be there.  You may think you can’t do it, but you will find a way to do some small forward activity and you will be stronger and stronger. You, too can change your physical state of being.


Don’t wait for the energy before you start moving your body. Move your body in some kind of physical activity and the energy will follow. I know this from personal experience with a number of activities that my doctors are surprised I not only accomplish but enjoy daily.


Healing or Healthy?


Every day I am more and more aware of the power of words (please claim your free ebook on Using Encouraging Words).  Even the word “healing” indicates that we have something wrong that needs to be “fixed.” I think a more correct meaning would be “adapting and stretching.”

When we talk about healing, we are focusing on fixing or correcting.  Perhaps we can instead concentrate on celebrating the incredible human body and the millions upon millions of systems that are in perfect synchronicity.

You are the perfect self-healer.  Everything outside of you is simply assisting you to heal yourself.  To heal means to expand and grow into what you really are. No matter what tools or suggestions outside forces give you in your journey to self- help, it is your ability to exercise your choices that will help you to get – and stay- healthy.

Self-Awareness Quiz

  1. Do you find yourself using limiting words to describe your physical state of being?
  2. What activity could you do today to stretch or building your health?
  3. What choices will you make today to get and stay in optimum health and healing?

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