Life Lessons

  1. Life Lesson-“Don’t say no automatically, ask why you should say yes.” Judy H. Wright
  2. Life Lesson-“Do you think a positive attitude can be taught? Model it for others.” Judy H. Wright
  3. Life Lessons-“Employers would much rather have good attitudes than good aptitudes. We can teach skills.” Judy H. Wright
  4. “Whenever there is another human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.” Judy H. Wright
  5. Life lesson “We have a moral obligation to care for the Earth. It is the only home we have” judyhwright
  6. Life lesson “Facts inform us-Values and Character transform us” Judy H Wright
  7. Life Lesson “You don’t need to discover your life purpose as much as remember it” Judy H Wright
  8. Life lesson “ Learn from the animals. Frogs eat what bugs them” Judy H Wright
  9. Life Lesson “Every life needs to be examined occasionally. How can you know where you are on your path to destiny” judyhwright
  10. My 90 year old mother asked“How old do you have to be before you stop reading the want ads and thinking “I could do that?” jhw
  11. Life lesson “If you lend a friend $500 and never see him again, it was worth it” Judyhwright
  12. Life Lesson “Be an entrepreneur. Look for opportunities where other people see problems”
  13. “Never say hurtful things about a friend or family member, even in jest. Your words are powerful”
  14. “Every day make sure to set an intention to mix life in with living. Play with your kids, laugh and enjoy nature.” Judy H. Wright
  15. Life Lesson “Marriage like personal growth, requires effort and attention every single day” Judy H Wright
  16. Life Lesson “Always tell you your kids they were wanted and loved. They need to know” Judy H Wright
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