Top 3 Worries-Health, Relationships and Money

Top 3 Worries-Health, Relationships and Money

Health and physical well being is one of the top 3 worries in life.

As I work with individuals and families, it is easy to see how illness affects the dynamics of their daily lives. However, as we work on a deeper level, I also see how their attitudes and belief systems are often showing up in illness or ill health.

When we think of balance in our lives, we often think of the outward forces that are competing for our time and attention.  But nothing can shut you down faster than a major health concern.  Sometimes it doesn’t even need to be a major physical health condition, but a series of colds, flu, sinus problems, rashes or minor irritants that keep you from being your best you.


I often think of the acronym a client taught me about tears. Thoughts we think influence our emotions which in turn affect how we act.  Our actions then get us results which send out signals to the universe and bring us more of what we were thinking about.

Top Three Worries

I am convinced that our thinking directly affects our health.  If you are stewing about the top three worries; money, relationships or health you may be thinking about all the negative things that “might happen.”

Many people, who are in poor health due to worry about money, become stronger and healthier when the financial situation improves. Often, it is the feeling of defeat or depression that causes an illness to linger or get worse. It is also true about health being improved when relationships improve or you learn to let go of other people’s problems.

Those who have positive attitudes and the will to win may indeed have illness or tragedy strike them, but it does not become them.  I have an auto-immune disease, but it does not have me.

Forgiveness Heals

If you feel you have been wronged, or betrayed, or robbed of your happiness by another person, you have the right to those feelings.  But know that those negative emotions are hurting you far more than they are the one who caused you harm.

Plato declared, “If the head and the body are to be well, you must begin by curing the soul.”

Affirm Your Health and Strength

Affirmations are statements filled with good words and positive thoughts.  By declaring an affirmation over and over again, you will gain conscious attention of the subconscious intelligence which is always functioning.

I had felt that affirmations were a little false when I first started my spiritual journey.  It felt unnatural and even fake.  That is, until a friend said that the most powerful affirmation is the Lord’s Prayer. Now, I have a deeper understanding of the healing power of words and affirmations.

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As you speak these affirmations the innate intelligence of the universe is stepped up in the power to send positive results to the conscious as well as subconscious. What you think about you bring about.

When our thoughts and words are uplifting, they are life giving to our bodies.

Self Awareness Quiz

  1. Do you remember how you felt when you forgave someone? Perhaps a child who had disappointed you.  Remember how much lighter, stronger and more optimistic you felt once you were able to let go of the resentment?
  2. Do you define yourself by your illness or physical symptoms?
  3. Is your physical health better when you are happy, abundant and growing in your talents?

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