Why Everyone Loves Babies – A Baby as a Teacher and Pupil

Watch a family in the grocery store with a cute little toddler and everyone smiles and loves the baby.  When he is throwing a tantrum and screaming, not so much.

It is amazing the wonderful lessons we learn when watching a baby learn to adapt to this world.  A baby is the most responsive and rewarding pupil you will ever have and he can do so much to teach you. You will be both a teacher and a pupil.  He wants to do more, explore, touch, feel, smell, taste, hear, and see everything in his environment.

Initially, the most important people in a baby’s life are the one or two who most consistently look after him.

Babies learn not just from caregivers, but from older siblings and extended families.

In most cases, this is the parents.  In other words, you are the most important teacher your child will ever have, just as he is your most important pupil.  It is important to limit the number of caregivers so the baby forms strong attachments with primary caregivers.

Those of us who have loving people in our life to help us learn critical thinking skills are very fortunate.  We feel valued, empowered and much more open to stretching to the limits. It is as if we have been handed a huge gift of courage.

That is my definition of encouragement.  We are not afraid to take risks, because we know we are loved unconditionally and accepted for who and what we are. Our relationship with caring adults is not based on how well we perform, obey or make someone else happy.  It is a mutually empowering and respectful union.

Magic Moments of Infancy

We all love to associate and watch babies because they experience life through their senses.  We get to vicariously experience the world anew.  Through taste, sight, touch, sound, smell and hearing  we give them opportunities to stimulate their senses.

Early care has a lifelong impact on how our babies develop their ability to learn. The Makaboo website offers personalized gifts for a baby that leave a lasting impression on the baby and the parents.


In my training, it has been emphasized that there can be  harmful and long-lasting effects  on unborn babies and young children when they are are exposed to an environment in which  adults are using nicotine, alcohol, and/or mind-altering drugs. You will find many affordable and effective parent training guides at http://amzn.to/kindlebyjudy


When babies make cooing sounds, we make cooing sounds in return.  When they smile, we smile and then they smile and it goes on and on. Our loving joy or job is to provide prompt response to his needs, consistent care and love. Hopefully, we will share opportunities for activities which will help move and develop muscles  including the brain..

When it is play time, provide a secure, loving relationship; affection, patience and encouragement of his constant activity. When it is food time, the caring adults are excited with each development step and we mirror their expressions of joy when tasting applesauce.

Read, Sing and Talk To Your Baby

We want to provide as rich an environment with as many positive social and learning opportunities as possible.  We want to stimulate those synapse associated with positive experiences to become a permanent part of the child’s brain.

In order to do that all caregivers will want to provide a secure, loving relationship which will include affection, patience and encouragement of his constant activity.  By reading, singing and talking to your baby you will give gently teaching rather than scolding or commands.


Self-Awareness Quiz

  1. When you see a baby or small child, do you automatically smile?
  2. If you don’t have a baby or small child in your life, can you recognize how important the early development is for the brain?
  3. Please remember how important mentors, angels and teachers are to young children. What can you do to strengthen families in your community?


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