Teleseminar with Judy H. Wright

Here is a wonderful teleseminar that will help get you through the holidays.

Broke But Not Broken

How to Bounce Back from Financial Crisis

This is very interesting time to be alive.  Many people are paralyzed with fear and see circumstances and events all around them to be concerned about.  They become stuck in a negative rut and assume that a temporary situation will never change. They have a “poor” attitude and a negative view of their future.

Many others are energized with excitement and opportunities to grow and develop in new ways and new directions.  They reframe the situation into a learning experience and rebound from adversity. They look for new ways to build “a new normal.”

We are all shifting from what was to what is and what will become.

Your $27 investment includes:

  • Attendance to 2 hour live teleseminar
  • Replay of the teleseminar
  • PLUS a 15 – minute one-on-one coaching call with Judy to discuss your particular situation and brainstorm solutions.