A Wise Woman With a Global Message

Welcome to our community of kind, thoughtful people who want respect for all. You will find resources, guides and articles to help you build a better world by being a better you.

Years ago I remember reading a book or article by Zig Ziglar, on the eight universal needs of all mankind. Incorporating that information into my own life’s journey has been a guiding principal in my writing, teaching and interactions with others.

He said, and I agree, that everyone, no matter their position, income level, gender, place of employment or birth desires these things to come to pass in their lives:

  1. To be happy
  2. To have friends
  3. To be healthy
  4. To have peace of mind
  5. To be reasonably prosperous
  6. To have good relationships
  7. To be secure
  8. To have hope in the future

We can help one another to move forward on life’s journey

In order to fulfill these eight universal needs, we will have to put forth the effort to set and accomplish goals. The universe rewards those who have movement in their life, and make decisions, no matter how small.

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You will find that I share an awareness and respect for members of your personal families as well as our global community. Your family’s success means a more peaceful world.

In my vast experience as an author of over 20 books, parent and life educator, keynote speaker, oral historian, world traveler, conference facilitator, hospice worker, mother of six, grandmother of ten, community worker and inspired intuitive, I have learned a thing or two along life’s journey.

Now is the time for me to share that wisdom and experience to assist others as they travel through life. It is my turn to share life’s lessons with you and yours.

Everyone needs an auntie to be on their support team.

I have been given the honorary title of “Auntie Artichoke” in respect for work as “A wise woman who loves unconditionally.”

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You were brought here for a reason.

Something in this message or the messenger resonated with you and brought you  here today for a reason. May you find what you were searching for in these life lessons.

Thanks for being you.

Judy Helm Wright aka Auntie Artichoke