T E A R S – Tragedy into Triumph

T E A R S – Tragedy into Triumph

The chemical makeup of the tears that frequently accompany great emotions

Is different depending on feeling or emotion we are having.  Contrary to what some people may think, crying tears is an important part of cleansing the body and cells of the stress we are dealing with.

Tom, a client on a Masterminding call, taught me about a formula that he had developed to remind him of how he creates his own reality:

Thoughts + Emotions = Actions + Results = Signals to the Universe

By using the acronym of TEARS, he remembers that his thoughts can start an avalanche of processes which can end in tears of joy or tears of regret.  I resonate with this idea because I realized that change in life comes when our hearts are broken or pried open with emotion. Buddhist comment often on a heart that is cracked open.

When our hearts and souls are open, then old belief systems can be released and new ones can take their place.  When your heart and soul are closed, they are like the Artichoke (my logo) which appears difficult to penetrate.  It is only through patience and warmth that the leaves begin to open and allow others access to the heart.

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Tragedy into Triumph

I have found that the only two ways people really change is through great suffering or great love. When our emotions are raw and our tears of sorrow or success are flowing, we are in a position to change. In these times we either transform our lives or get stuck in the muck of bitter emotions.

When we get in the middle of great joy or sorrow we realize that each person touches the lives of many others. It is then we wake up to the idea that  there is a purpose to the time we spend here on this Earth.

Sarah, a friend, had always believed that children should outlive their parents.  She also believed that a good parent would always be able to protect her child.  Neither of those beliefs proved true in her life.

When her son was killed, the grief nearly killed her, too.  As the tears finally washed away some of her anguish, she was able to see that a road to recovery for her was to turn her thoughts and emotions outward into action that could help others.  As she spoke about the dangers of drunk drivers, she was able to bring a new awareness and belief system to the community.

She used this tragedy as a springboard to accomplish great victories for others who were in decision-making positions.  Of course she grieved, mourned, and missed her son, but she also realized that she had been given the opportunity to transform something tragic into something that offered possibilities to others.

Grief and mourning are a very real and powerful force in your life.  You can mourn a death, lost dream, physical disability, or even misplacing your purse.

It would be impossible to expect you to ever forget great loss. However, having gone through a number of personal heartbreaks, I promise you, you can emerge on the other side a stronger and more resilient person over time. You can bounce back.

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